The praline: make your praline

The praline: make your praline

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The praline coating consists of coating the roots of a rosebush, a tree or a shrub with a mixture that will help recovery during planting.

This should be done shortly after buying the plant and before the first buds appear.

What is the praline made of?

It is a muddy mixture that is easily made with potting soil, manure, garden soil and water.

You can also add cow dung, your praline will only be better.

There are also "ready to use" pralins sold in garden centers.

The method to make your praline

  1. Cut off damaged roots as well as roots that are too long to spread without being bent.

  2. Soak the roots in the praline for several hours (ideally 24 hours). The mixture must remain "stuck" to the roots.

  3. Plant your plant in peace, its recovery and good development are almost guaranteed!

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