Christmas log with fleur de sel

Christmas log with fleur de sel

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The whole of Brittany comes to stir your taste buds for the end of the year celebrations. A delight.

Number of persons : 10 to 12 people

Difficulty : Average

Preparation time : 180 mins

The recipe for the Christmas log with fleur de sel

  • Chocolate biscuit

Powderalmonds : 65 gr - caster sugar: 90 gr, flour: 5 gr, egg whites: 3, caster sugar: 30 gr, cocoa powder: 20 gr

Sift together the almond powder, sugar and flour and cocoa powder. At the same time, whip the egg whites "until stiff" then combine the almond powder, sugar and flour with a spatula. Spread the contents out on a sheet of baking paper, flat. A hollow oven plate may be suitable, for example. Bake for 5 minutes at 180 ° C. The biscuit must remain flexible when it comes out of the oven.

  • Caramel with fleur de sel

Sugar: 150 gr, Butter: 75 gr, liquid cream: 75 gr

Melt the sugar alone in a large saucepan until it reaches a color close to Caramel. Add the butter in small pieces. Gently boil everything and add the cream. Work the mixture with a whisk until you obtain a smooth caramel.

  • Chocolate mousse

Whole milk: 12.5 cl, cream 35% fat 250 gr, dark chocolate 64% 150 gr, gelatin sheet of 1.5 gr

Soak the gelatin in a large amount of water. Chop the chocolate. Bring the milk to a boil and add the squeezed gelatin. Pour about 1/3 of hot liquid over the chocolate. Mix with a whisk to obtain a smooth, shiny and elastic texture; signs of a good emulsion. Add the rest of the milk, keeping this texture. Bring the whole to 45 ° c. Incorporate the whipped cream.

  • Chocolate icing

Cream: 90 gr, neutral glaze: 25 cl, dark chocolate 64%: 240 gr

Bring the cream to a boil. Add the chocolate, mix gently with a spatula to avoid the formation of air bubbles. Then add the melted topping at 70/80 ° C.

  • Assembly of the log - advice from the pastry chef:

Place the cookie and gently fit it into a mold. The cookie should cover the bottom and go up on both edges. Pour half of the chocolate mousse and a small amount of caramel. Add a cookie strip. Cover the whole with the remaining foam. Close the whole with a strip of biscuit. Put the whole thing in the freezer. Melt the icing with a spatula at around 40 ° C. Once the log has been taken out of the freezer, pour in the icing and let drain for 1 to 2 minutes, then place the whole on a dish.

Advice from the pastry chef : For a better tasting, the log should be taken out 25 to 30 minutes before presenting it to the table.

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