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Gaillarde: vibrant colors

Gaillarde: vibrant colors

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The gaillarde is a perennial offering a beautiful flowering, original and generous.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Gaillardia x grandiflora
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Perennial

: 30 to 70 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : June to September

Throughout the summer this flower offers warm and bright colors which makes it a very decorative plant.

Gaillarde plantation

Properly plant the gaillardes:

For plants purchased in pots or containers, prefer planting in the spring in a mixture of soil and special potting soil for "flowering plants" or geraniums.

  • Prefer very sunny situations, this is where it blooms best.
  • Respect a distance of 30/40 cm between each foot.
  • Gaillarde accepts any type of soil, but it will flower best in light, well-drained soil.

Gaillarde seedlings:

You can also perform a sissued in place in May or June it is very easy to succeed!

You can collect the seeds that are in the flower heads when they are wilted,

  • you dry them,
  • you store them during the winter in an envelope protected from humidity
  • you sow them in the spring, the result is guaranteed!

Maintenance and pruning of the gaillarde

Gaillardium is perennial in the Mediterranean climate but will be grown as an annual in most other regions.

Adding fertilizer to flowering plants in the spring in the form of granules should allow you to have a very beautiful flowering.

When to prune the gaillarde:

As good flowering from one year to the next is difficult to obtain, pruning should be done in late summer without waiting for the fall flowering.

You then guarantee the necessary reserves for the plant which will allow it to bloom again the following year.

  • Otherwise, cut back as soon as possible after the fall bloom, in November.

The gaillarde is very rustic in the sense that it does not not afraid of diseases.

To know about the gaillarde

This perennial has wonderful colors in red and yellow shades, warm and bright, which blend perfectly with the different greens of the plants.

In massive, border but also in a planter, you will give a very nice colorful touch to your garden or your terrace.

If your fellows don't make it through the winter, it's usually because they won't have withstood the frost. Some gaillards are therefore considered annuals.

A little history on the gaillarde:

The genus gaillardia is part of the large family of asteraceae. The name gaillardia, was given by the famous botanist Auguste Denis Fougeroux de Bondaroy in 1786, in homage to one of his friends, magistrate and amateur botanist, Gaillard de Charentonneau.

The gaillarde is also the floral emblem of the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region in Quebec and of Wallonia in Belgium.

Smart tip about the gaillarde

When treating or wanting to stimulate flowering, use environmentally friendly products.

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