David Austin, four new English Roses

The 2013 season promises to be auspicious for the David Austin Roses with the double honor of receiving a Gold Medal at the Courson Plant Days, followed by another Gold at the Chelsea Flower Show ...

Discover without further delay four new English Roses, created by David Austin for lovers of beauty and charm in the garden.

The Lady Gardener, a lovely rose baptized in Courson, in the presence of her godfather Stéphane Marie. A soft apricot color, a scent of tea rose, punctuated by some notes of cedar wood and vanilla, The Lady Gardener is a robust rose, at ease in all styles of garden, modern or romantic, structured or informal….

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A rising and fragrant vine, full of charm and grace.

Small cup-shaped pink flowers that hang in large, elegant bouquets.

Slightly musky scent characteristic of Sempervirens hybrids.

Very nicely arranged petals opening to a small eye. Blooming well back.

An exceptionally hardy variety that requires little care and whose flowers are resistant to rain.

Named after a group of hikers who walk for health in Albrighton, the David Austin Nursery Village, the "Striders, Strollers & Steppers".

English Moschata hybrid.
David Austin 2013, Ausmobile.
3m - 3.5m.


A delicious scent of tea with notes of cedarwood and vanilla ... lovely apricot color, with large flowers in shallow cups, rich in numerous petals, this robust and charming rose will be just as comfortable in formal beds as it will in more informal gardens.

Healthy and well-lifted, it resists rain well, that's it first Old English Hybrid Rose of apricot color.

Named in tribute to the precious work of Plant Heritage, which contributes to the protection of plant diversity in British gardens.

The National Collection of English Roses is housed in David Austin Gardens in Albrighton.

Old English Hybrid.
2013, Ausbrass
1.10mx 0.75m.


Golden variant of ‘Summer Song’, which is more caramelized orange and of which it is a natural mutation. A vigorous shrub, almost thornless. Its lovely apricot buds suffused with rose become sumptuous flowers in large very double cups that fall elegantly on the stem.

Sweet scent of honey, deep and complex, each flower exudes subtly different aromas of almond, myrrh, blackcurrant and tea rose.

He will give the best of himself at the back of a massif accompanied by smaller subjects in the foreground.

Carolyn Knight was a great help in the early days of the nursery, especially in the field of design. She recently disappeared.

English Leander hybrid.
David Austin 2013, Austurner.
1.25m x 1m.


An English Rose, unlike any other, closer to Botanical Roses than to Old Roses, with a very natural bushy shape

Its shallow cup flowers, open in an informal rosette, the petals curl quickly as the flower ages. Old Rose fragrance with an intense lemon note.

A magnificent red, quite difficult to describe, light red turning to carmine red. This shrub will give the best of itself. free form.

A particularly healthy and resistant variety.

Named in homage to Canterbury Cathedral, a World Heritage Site.

David Austin 2013, Auswinston.
1.25m x 1m or more, depending on the size method adopted.

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