Incredible edibles, new urban vegetable garden

Incredible edibles, new urban vegetable garden

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And if nature reinvests cities in an “urban farm” version The participatory movement of Incredible Edibles is pollinating the planet ...

Incredible edible, for the record

Free food to share, gardens open to all and just a helping hand to taste a strawberry, a pear, harvest a zucchini, a few mint leaves or many other treasures of nature: this is the ideal dream for more and more cities such as Asnières in Ile-de-France, Brest in Brittany, Albi in Midi-Pyrénées, Angers in Pays-de-Loire, Bordeaux in Aquitaine or even Barcelona in Spain, Horten in Norway…

How do you get there? By planting, watering and sharing. You have just entered the "Incredible Edible" dance.

Peas * & love, from Todmorden to Albi

The “Incredible Edible” movement was born in 2008 in England, in the town of Todmorden, when two mothers, Mary and Pam, decided to plant a rhubarb plant to share near a bus stop.

This city is now the subject of real initiation journeys.

Quickly, everyone took part in this renaissance by following the common thread of "abundance, the fruit of sharing", sometimes even aiming for food self-sufficiency. This is the case of Albi, a community particularly invested in this philosophy of life: its citizens act on a daily basis to reorganize an agricultural production of 100% of its needs within a radius of 60 km, by rallying local farmers and by bringing them together. encouraging organic production. Albi is a model for many other French cities and, almost every day, new initiatives are launched.

Beyond this desire for local regeneration, the objective of Les Incroyables Comestibles is to encourage citizens to come out of dependence on the global agro-food system, to know the life of the soil and to become aware of the importance of local and healthy consumption and production.

Recreate links

From social links to links to Mother Earth ... By initiating an urban vegetable garden in the city, city-dwellers who love nature can put their hands in the earth, plant a raspberry tree, sow a row of salads, put compost at the foot leeks or simply baste. In front of the condominiums as well as in front of the pavilions, everyone can even plant fruits and vegetables in “to share” planters.

To participate in the movement, go to and contact your municipality to define your project and the available public spaces.

Even schools can participate:


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