4 things to know when choosing your garden shed

4 things to know when choosing your garden shed

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It is necessary for all gardening enthusiasts to have a garden shed, one day or another.

Gardening requires a lot of tools, more or less cumbersome and the garden shed, whether made of metal, wood or PVC can make your life easier.

If chosen well, it will make more than one envious around you. But this choice requires careful consideration, despite relatively low prices for several years. Here are our 4 recommendations for choosing the right garden shed.

Choose the location upstream

A garden shed, you can imagine, takes up space.

Depending on the space you have available, the choice of shelter and materials may vary considerably

For example, for a small garden, it is preferable to opt for a Wooden "cabinet" garden shed like this one:

Or one large wooden chest like this : 

Choose the material

The choice of component is extremely important. There are three main types of Garden shed (metal, PVC, and wood) and each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Wooden garden shed:

Wood has the advantage of being ecological and integrating well into the natural environment of your garden. However, maintenance is still important since you will need to carry out an average of 1 stain per year.

here is our recommendation of wooden shelters

Metal garden shed:

Metal won't need a lot of maintenance, but you will lose a bit of aesthetics. This is a very good solution for small purses.

here is our recommendation of metal shelters

PVC garden shed:

PVC is a good synthesis of the advantages of the previous two. Aesthetic, solid, requiring little maintenance, the only drawback remains in the rather high price.

here is our recommendation of PVC shelters

Choose the size of your garden shed

The size depends of course on the size of your garden but also on the use you want to make of it.

Below 6 M², a garden shed will only be used to store your tools and possibly a few bicycles if everything is well organized.

Below 14 M², the surface will allow you to set up a small work area for your work.

With more than 15 M² you enter another dimension because you can set up a small room to do your work, you rest between two plants or simply make a living room.

Administrative procedures for a garden shed

Below 19m², you can submit a simple declaration of works to the town hall.

Above 20M ², you will not be able to install your shelter without requesting a building permit for it.

For more information on the subject you can consult our partner's page: triganostore.

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