Mulching: flax mulch

Mulching: flax mulch

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Flax mulch comes from the cultivation of flax and is proven to be an excellent mulch for all plants.

It is ideal for surfacing flower beds, trees, planters and vegetable gardens. © hcast

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Using flax mulch

Flax mulch can be used everywhere, both in the vegetable patch and in the bed garden.

Both rich in organic matter and pH neutral, it has only advantages for all crops, vegetables, flowers, shrubs and roses.

  • Arrange the flax mulch in a layer of about 2 inches.
  • Then water to keep the mulch in place.

The benefits of flax mulch

  • Facilitates plant recovery by preventing erosion and soil compaction.
  • Saves watering thanks to the protective layer that forms and prevents evaporation.
  • Naturally and durably weeds your flower beds.
  • Neutral pH to avoid acidifying the soil.
  • Provides organic matter by decomposing in the soil.
  • Protects the roots from winter frosts.
  • Like the ashes, flax mulch prevents slugs from approaching plants

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