A cyclamen all winter long

A cyclamen all winter long

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With its varied shapes and bright colors, cyclamen is the star plant of winter.

From the family of primroses, the cyclamen comes from Central Europe and the Mediterranean basin. Modern varieties offer a wide choice of colors (white, red, pink, purple…) and shapes, with fringed, flaming, spiral flowers… We also love the mini cyclamen that look like bouquets of violets!

Thanks to selection work, cyclamen is able to withstand the confined heat of our interiors better and better. But without exaggeration all the same! If you can keep it at a room temperature of 15-18 °, it will bloom from November to March.

Cyclamen, a plant of light

To ensure good flowering for your cyclamen, place it in a bright location, but without direct sunlight.

As it appreciates the coolness, you can let it spend the night in the cool on the landing or in the garage. Feel free to use it to add color to your balcony.

As for watering, be sure to do it regularly and sparingly (2-3 times a week) to keep the clod just moist. Water on the rim of the pot or in the cup but never on the bulb! To prevent water stagnation, which is bad for the roots, cover your cup with clay balls or empty it 30 minutes after watering.

> In video, the care tips for cyclamen

Make the cyclamen last

To feed the bulb in so little soil, consider adding fertilizer to your plant, favoring ecological solutions: natural fertilizers on sale in garden centers, but also coffee grounds, cooled vegetable cooking water ... regularly remove faded flowers and leaves.

With such good care, it is possible to keep your cyclamen for several years. After the April bloom, leave it in a shady corner of the garden. Repot it in September and it will leave for another winter!

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Video: April Garden Diary and Sensational Cyclamens (July 2022).


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