Flower bulb: the daffodil or double narcissus

Flower bulb: the daffodil or double narcissus

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Everyone should know: the double daffodil is a beautiful bulb flower!

Plant them in the fall and they will give you a nice feeling in the spring when they bloom.

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Daffodil in spring

The daffodil ? Yes, the daffodil. And the one with double flowers, so twice the pleasure.

Double daffodils are true spring flowers and will make you happy when they bloom in April. What makes them so special is that the corolla has multiple petals or the entire flower is filled with petals.

Double daffodils come in all shades of yellow, but also cream, white and orange and all kinds of combinations of these colors. And did you know they are perennial? You will enjoy it again next year!

In love with the narcissus

Where does the name come from Narcissus ? From a drama from Greek mythology. When the beautiful Narcissus discovers his reflection in a pond, he becomes madly in love with himself. And since he cannot touch his image, he wastes away from frustration.

Her body disappears, but what remains is a beautiful yellow flower, the daffodil. The flower has retained this symbolic name to this day.

And this year, it's the double daffodil that's on display as the flower bulb of the year!

Good to know

  • One variety of daffodil doubles more easily than another. It relates to the number available. Some varieties of double daffodil come in large quantities and are easy to find: "Replete", "Abba", "Ice King" and "Rip van Winkle".
  • Did you know that the Double Bridal Crown Daffodil is mainly used as a potted bulb? You can put them inside instead of the garden.
  • Would you like more information about bulbs? Take a look at

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