A very clever gardening set for children

It's spring ! Everyone in the garden, young and old alike ...

Here is, for our toddlers, the perfect little gardener's set !

It will inspire your children to help you plant, hoe, rake and collect leaves ...

It will give them a taste for gardening and nature. All you have to do is choose the seeds ...

He understands everything it takes to help adults

  • a shovel (20 * 7cm)
  • a fork (20 * 7cm)
  • the essential rake (15 * 7cm)
  • the bag cleverly equipped with storage pockets (Width: 13 cm Length: 25 cm Height: 17 cm
  • Wood and metal tools.

For children from 5 years old

  • To find in the online store My little creators

Video: Kids Gardening Tools by ROCA Home (January 2022).