Viola cornuta: flowering, maintenance, watering

Viola cornuta: flowering, maintenance, watering

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The viola cornuta is a very pretty little flower that blooms all winter long.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Viola Cornuta
Family : Purplish
Type : Perennial

Height : 10 to 20 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : Depending on the variety, March to July or September to April

Here's how to have beautiful flowers from fall to spring.

Planting viola cornuta

Here's how to choose the right exhibition and give it every chance to flourish!

Planting viola cornuta :

The viola cornuta plantation purchased in pots or containers is best done throughout the fall and even into early spring.

  • She loves the sun but dreads hot situations
  • She perfectly tolerates partial shade.

Sowing of viola cornuta:

In sowing from June-July, until September.

It is strongly advised to transplant the first time in the nursery before setting up in the fall.

In all cases, keep a distance of about 15 cm between each plant of viola cornuta.

  • Either way, the viola cornuta has the advantage of being sow spontaneouslyt and so to bloom as long.

Caring for the viola cornuta

It doesn't require much maintenance except, perhaps, to be watered if the soil dries up.

You can delete the wilted flowers gradually in order to stimulate the appearance of new flower buds.

At the end of flowering, you can cut back the whole mother plant and wait for the spontaneous seedlings to start growing

However, it is best to wait for new flowers to appear before removing the old plants.

To know about the viola cornuta

The viola cornuta resembles the thought and is part of the same family, but it is much more rustic than the latter.

The flowers look like small pansies in blue, yellow or white colors.

We can differentiate the thoughts of viola cornuta by their petals.

  • The viola cornuta has 2 petals upward and three downward.
  • Thought counts 4 petals up and one down

The viola cornuta being particularly hardy, it will withstand the winter cold very well, down to -15 °.

You will enjoy flowering throughout the winter for some varieties and, in addition, for relatively long periods.

Flowering begins in March and continues through early summer to restart in fall.

Smart tip about viola cornuta

The viola cornuta which also blooms in early spring will marry perfectly with tulips which bloom at the same time!

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