The tiger mosquito hunt resumes

The tiger mosquito hunt resumes

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This year again, France is on alert and seeks to repel this undesirable. Simple measures limit the proliferation of the tiger mosquito in individuals.

In May, the tiger mosquito returns to service. The departments set up a surveillance system in order to flush him out. This year, thirty departments are involved and, for six of them, this is a first. Among them: Gers, Val d'Oise, Aisne, Corrèze, Lozère and Maine-et-Loire.

Since 2004, the presence of the tiger mosquito native to Asia progresses throughout France. The state is monitoring this situation closely because this mosquito is the vector of important diseases such as zika, dengue fever and chikungunya.

Recognize the tiger mosquito

To signal its presence, you must already be able to spot it. The tiger mosquito is identified by its black and white stripes throughout its body and legs. Small in size, it does not exceed 1 centimeter in wingspan.

Once identified, the insect must be reported on the

Avoid the installation of the tiger mosquito

To avoid its proliferation, you must attack the places where the mosquito resides. As the dedicated Mosquito Reporting platform reminds us, the insect mainly colonizes water containers and tanks (vases, pots, gutters, cans…).

To try to slow down its expansion, it is therefore advisable to regularly empty the cups under the pots flowers or, even better, to remove them completely.

Don't forget to empty and return the seals as well as all garden equipment. If possible, store all equipment in a dry place. If you have a pond in your garden, consider putting a few fish in it. These will eat the mosquito larvae.

For cans of water recovery, the website recommends covering them with a mosquito net or a simple fabric.

And to protect yourself from bites, it is recommended to wear long, loose clothing and D'insulate your home with mosquito nets on the windows. The skin repellents also deter mosquitoes from biting you!

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