Bulb flowers

Bulb flowers that bloom in summer

Bulb flowers that bloom in summer

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They offer a magnificent bloom during the summer and sometimes even into the fall.

Summer bulbs are often spectacular and beautifully adorn flower beds and borders of the garden, but also planters and pots on your terraces.

All the bulbs that bloom in summer

Is the mostly plant in spring, from March to June, and we take full advantage of their blooms from summer to fall.

More sensitive to cold than perennials, some bulbs simply claim to be returned in the fall if winter in your region is marked by severe frost.

Selection of essential summer bulbs


Sumptuous by the beauty of its flowers and generous by the quality of its flowering, the dahlia is certainly one of the most beautiful bulb flowers.

Easy to care for, it adapts best to warmer regions where its flowering will spill over into early fall.

Its bulbs are planted from March to June.


If gladiolus is one of the great classics of florists, it is above all because it is one of the most beautiful flowers in our gardens.

Enjoy these unique floral stems that will bloom wonderfully in full sun.

The bulbs are planted from March to July and flowering can last until fall.


Canna needs warmth to thrive and will add a nice touch of the exotic to your garden.

It can reach 1.5 to 2 m high and forms very beautiful flower clusters that will adorn your flower beds.

For container or planter cultivation, choose dwarf cannas that will not exceed 50 to 60 cm.


Their name immediately evokes these magnificent flower stalks and the green and bushy foliage that characterizes them.

With their feet in the water and their heads in the sun, this is how they will give the best of themselves.

Regular watering and the addition of bulb fertilizer will make flowering even more spectacular.
Your flower beds or your pots will be highlighted by this very beautiful flower from summer to autumn.


Elegance and sensuality are the words that best characterize the lilies which are the staples of most of our gardens.

Easy to care for and adaptable to both cultivation in the ground and in pots, lilies bloom year after year without needing to be taken care of.

Flowers are easily identified when these beautiful scented stars or trumpets appear.

There are almost as many colors as there are varieties, but all of them are equally beautiful and sometimes even surprising.

Planting in the fall and flowering from summer to fall.

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