The surprising Zoé Félix orchid

The surprising Zoé Félix orchid

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Stars of the small as of the big screen, of music, of the arts, of fashion… they are numerous to have given their name to magnificent roses. But the Queen of Flowers is no longer the only one to be favored by celebrities and today she faces a major competitor, theorchid. First Lady Michelle Obama and actress Sarah Jessica have already named theirs. And this year, for the first time in France, a French actress has also agreed to associate her name with a new variety.

Since September, the orchid Zoé Félix has therefore joined the large family of monocotyledonous plants. Unveiled on the occasion of the International Orchid Day, this Phalaenopsis stands out for the majesty of its stems and the delicate beauty that emanates from each of its flowers. Its purple veins and its mottled heart are all its charm. This creation, the work of Art of Life, a group of 40 Dutch potted orchid producers, should cause a sensation when it goes on sale. But you will have to be patient to have the chance to acquire a copy of the beautiful. Eh yes ! It takes a year to grow it in a greenhouse in sufficient quantity to distribute it.

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