A square vegetable garden

A square vegetable garden

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Take the time to sow, plant and care for finally enjoying yourself, this is an original activity to practice in the garden.

It is also a fun and educational idea to make our budding gardeners aware of the pleasure of gardening!

Jardiner malin accompanies you in the realization of this very first square vegetable garden with its selection of vegetables of the moment and smart advice!

How to make a square vegetable garden?

  1. Take 4 wooden boards 120cm by 15-20cm high.
  2. Form a square that you will divide into 16 equal parts of 30 cmx30cm with wire or, ideally, boards
  3. Buy seeds, carrots, of lettuce, of leeks, of potatoes, of tomatoes, of radish, of pea, ofspinach, of Brussels sprouts, of celery, ofeggplant, ofartichoke, of parsley and of cauliflower, bulbs ofshallots and cloves ofgarlic.
  4. A variant consists in dividing the square into 6 parts of 60x40cm and therefore in selecting 6 vegetables among them.
  5. Have clay balls at the bottom of the squares (about 2 to 3 cm) to improve drainage. Plan for 30L.

  6. Fill each part with a special seedling potting soil. Plan 70L.

  7. Equalize then with a float or a wooden board and add soil to reach 3/4 of the height of your square.

  8. Tamp again

  9. Tamp lightly with a plank

  10. Water generously and then regularly throughout the growth.

In February-March there are still frosts and it is safe to sow under cover by forming a roof with plastic or a glass plate

You will have to mark each square with an indication specifying the vegetable that is grown ... another fun activity to do with your children.

Good luck and good fun with your little gardeners!

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