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Small conifers full of charm

Small conifers full of charm

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As winter begins, the garden loses its architecture and greenery.

Restructure it using wisely the vegetative palette that small conifers offer.

Dwarf pines and cedars, false cypresses and Korean fir, there are many small, slow-growing conifers.

Small conifers

Unlike their big brothers who take up all the space for them, the small conifers (pines and cedars dwarfs, false cypress, Korean fir ...), often native to Asia, grow very slowly and remain small. A major asset for playing with the array of shapes, silhouettes and existing colors and associating them with grasses or flowering plants.

They do well in the ground as well as in rockery. You can put them in pots on your patio or create a mineral garden to make them stand out on crushed slate or white pebbles. Grouped, they bring relief to small gardens. On their own, they give a vertical rhythm to your aisles, your flower beds ...

Conifer: a mythical tree on your terrace

Among all the extant species, the ginkgo biloba mini version is the most surprising. Until then, the40 crown tree, whose fan-shaped leaves turn golden yellow in fall, was reserved for parks and large gardens due to its size.

You can now enjoy it in a small space thanks to the weeping variety grafted on a stem which culminates at 80 cm for balconies ("Troll", "Mariken") or at 2.50 meters for large terraces or small gardens.

Small conifer: moderate care

Take advantage of the fall to install these small trees, taking care to choose them well supplied with a balanced silhouette. In pots or in the ground, plant them in a substrate rich in humus, rather acidic and well draining.

Avoid too sunny an exposure which could burn their foliage. Water copiously when planting and throughout their first year to ensure their recovery. Shower the foliage in the summer to ward off spiders and other pests.

And here is your garden ready for winter!

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