Stephanotis: jasmine from Madagascar

Stephanotis: jasmine from Madagascar

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Stephanotis, also known as Madagascan jasmine, is a stunning houseplant that blooms all summer.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Stephanotis floribunda
Family : Apocynaceae
Type : Liana, houseplant

: 3 to 5 m
Exposure : Bright
Ground : Flowering plant soil

Foliage : Persistent -Flowering : May to October

Planting stephanotis

In our climate, only the cultivation of stephanotis in pots is possible because it does not tolerate cold.

Culture of stephanotis in pots:

For the pot culture, it is recommended repot every 1 to 2 yearspreferably in spring.

The pot provided during the purchase will quickly be too small, so plan to quickly repot your stephanotis outside of flowering

  • Once in place, avoid changing its location because it dreads traveling
  • Find our advice for repot your stephanotis well

Outdoor cultivation of stephanotis:

The stephanotis is native to Madagascar and therefore needs a temperature of 20° all year round to grow well.

For cultivation in the ground, a climate hot summer and winter is necessary and planting will be done in spring.

Pot culture and care of Stephanotis

Choose a very bright location for your stephanotis but without direct sun behind glass.

  • Avoid proximity to a heat source such as a radiator.
  • Protect it from the sun's rays during the hottest hours if it is behind a window.
  • The temperature should never drop below 15-16 °

Watering and fertilizer

To bloom and develop well, stephanotis requires some care in terms of watering and fertilizer.

Water regularly but without excess so as not to suffocate the roots.

  • 1 watering per week should be enough
  • Adding liquid flower plant fertilizer every 15 days will improve growth and flowering

The stephanotis has need a lot of humidity ambient because it lives naturally in the undergrowth.

  • Regularly spray soft water on the foliage.

In pots, the stephanotis needs a lot of humidity and will enjoy being placed on a bed of gravel or clay balls that is always wet to recreate the conditions of its natural environment.

Stephanotis after flowering

The classic flowering period of stephanotis is from May to October-November.

Next, you should overwinter your plant by putting it in a cooler but bright room.

  • The ideal temperature is around 20-21 ° in summer and 13-15 ° in winter.

In winter, we do away with food and only water it if the soil in the pot is dry.

Stephanotis size:

In spring, the liana can be pruned without any problem to make it start again and to ensure a new flowering.

To know about the stephanotis

As its nickname suggests, the stephanotis is native to Madagascar where it lives naturally and outdoors in the undergrowth.

The stephanotis is a plant that tends to cling to the branches of trees to seek light.

We use it in our climates like houseplant where, for lack of branches to grab hold of, we use guardians so she can hold onto it.

The Stéphanois blooms from spring to autumn with a ideal temperature of 18 to 22 ° all year.

The Jasmine de Madagascar is a liana that features dark green, leathery, shiny foliage, and spring through fall flowers that appear in the leaf axils.

As mentioned above, it is usually bought on a stake because it is unable to climb on its own, which also makes it a very decorative support.

Diseases and problems in stephanotis

If a whitish cluster appears like a cottony down on your stephanotis, it is mealybugs.

  • Follow our advice mealybug treatment.

Stephanotis may be subject to mites like red spiders, especially when the ambient air is too dry

  • Follow our advice for fight well against red spiders

The leaves turn yellow with stephanotis when the irrigation water is too hard or if there is a lack of light.

  • Use rainwater or mineral water to water your stephanotis
  • Give it some more light

Smart tip about stephanotis

Adding special organic fertilizer for flowering plants will improve flowering.

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