An amazing artificial turf!

An amazing artificial turf!

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No longer want to mow the lawn and pick up dead leaves? The solution ? Synthetic turf.

In addition to staying green all year round, it is soft to the touch and its natural feel makes it look like a real lawn.

Easy to install, artificial turf adapts to all types of soil.

Install natural synthetic turf

It adapts to all surfaces

Thesynthetic turfIt can be installed on all types of soil: earth, concrete, sand ... and on sunny or shaded gardens, courtyards, balconies and terraces. Synthetic turf Quality must be made of 100% recyclable materials guaranteed to be free of heavy metals. Its main component is Polyethylene yarn which is very resistant to temperature variations. Soft to the touch, it must be resistant to tearing and UV rays.

3 criteria to choose it: softness, resistance and comfort

Synthetic grass is made up of 4 types of yarn: 2 for resistance 2 for softness. Their height can be from 35 to 38 mm. As for the colors, it is available in 4 shades more or less dark or more or less luminous. Synthetic turf two-tone, alternates a light green and dark green top yarn and a brown and beige curly yarn for a truly natural look. To make the right choice, it is always possible to order samples. The back ofe artificial lawnis punched with holes every 10 cm to evacuate water.

Clean, unroll and it's done

To put on a hard floor:

On a patio, the floor should be smooth to promote water flow. It is essential to pull out weeds and that the soil is cleaned without stones. Second step, just unwind the roll of artificial lawn. Take exact measurements of the area to be covered. The width of a roll can range from 1 to 4 meters and its length from 1 to 30 meters.

The bands must be placed in the right direction. Synthetic turf yarnsalways have a natural inclination, due to their manufacturing process. The wires should be angled where you will most often be looking at your lawn.

At the junctions, the lengths will be placed edge to edge. For an invisible junction, the edge of each strip must be cut by positioning the cutter in the middle of two lines of threads. Then just place a self-adhesive strip in the middle of the two joints, remove the protective film and press on the two strips to secure them.

For the surrounding area, 3 possible solutions:

  • For a temporary break: tape with double-sided
  • For a removable break:fix the grass with hammer plugs
  • For a final break: stick with resin.

When finishing, do not forget to brush the artificial turfand voila.

To put on a soft ground:

On loose soil, it is necessary to go through a stage of preparation of the ground which must be completely weeded and without stones. It will be necessary to level the earth or the sand to obtain an extremely flat and compact result. To prevent the regrowth of weeds, it is necessary to lay down a geotextile soil by superimposing the lengths of about 5 cm, fixing it with anchoring sardines. To fix it, place a self-adhesive strip in the middle of the two joints, remove the protective film and press on both strips. Secure the sod around the edges, using a staple every meter.

The installation can be carried out by you or by a professional.

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