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Crinodendron: the lantern tree

Crinodendron: the lantern tree

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The crinodendron is a very beautiful shrub whose summer bloom enchants our gardens.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Crinodendron hookerianum
Family : Elaeocarpaceae
Type : Shrub

: 2 to 10 m (depending on varieties)
Exposure : Partial shade, Sun
Ground : Rich enough

: Persistent -Flowering : May to July

Maintenance, from planting to pruning will improve crinodendron development and flowering

Planting crinodendron

The crinodendron likes sunny places but sucks when it gets too hot. In this case, we can favor partial shade.

It is preferable to plant in spring because the crinodendron dreads strong frosts.

  • A young plant will be all the more sensitive to the cold, which is why it is better to plant plants of a certain size.

In regions with sweet winter you can plant it in autumn.

  • Follow our planting advice.

Crinodendron in pot

For the crinodendrons grown in pots or containers, think about sheltering it for the winter, especially if the temperatures are below -5 °.

Indeed, below -5 ° the crinodendron should not resist.

  • Provide a mixture of potting soil (2/3) and heather soil (1/3)
  • Prune your crinodendron in a pot every year at the end of winter before taking it out again

Pruning, caring for the crinodendron

No pruning is necessary but if you want to balance or reduce the antlers, wait the end of flowering.

Water regularly during flowering, but not excessively and possibly add someorganic fertilizer to stimulate the appearance of pretty flowers.

To know about the crinodendron

A very beautiful shrub native to Latin America, the crinodendron bears magnificent and very original fuchsia pink flowers.

Also called the lantern tree of Chile, it is this area where it originates.

Its shrubby shape, long narrow leaves and lantern-shaped flowers make it a very decorative shrub.

Its generous flowering is spread throughout the summer, usually from May to July / August, but it can extend into April and September depending on the climate and weather.

Enough rustic, it is resistant to frost and cold with temperatures that can drop below -10 °.

The crinodendron growth is considered relatively slow.

Smart tip about crinodendron

Use organic products that do not harm the environment

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