Roses: a paradise in Touraine

Roses: a paradise in Touraine

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A paradise for lovers of rosebushes and perennials is located in the gentle Touraine, near the fortress of Chinon. Elsie De Raedt, a Belgian national, is the guardian. His garden in Antwerp had grown too small to develop his passion for roses. So it was south of Tours that she came to plant 340 varieties of roses, which she set with more than 600 perennials.

This garden is all the more exceptional as Elsie cultivates all of her rose bushes there, including gallic roses, which she preferred for their disease resistance, without any treatment and… without watering. To do without it, she chose to install "Grains d'eau". This gel, invented by one of his compatriots, a professor in Ghent, sets in when planting, then swells to retain water and slowly returns it to the plants.

Valuable advice on planting

The expert also gives her valuable advice for successful planting: choose good exposure to wind and sun; plant from November to December; start by making a large hole, 10 cm larger in depth and width than the volume of the roots, which must be taken care to point downwards. Add rose fertilizer or compost if the soil is too sandy or is poor. The graft point should be half above and half below the level of the earth.

Always delicate step, the size. Elsie advises to prune well the roses going back to around March 1, depending on the region. Remember to remove spent flowers to stimulate new flowers. You will prune the ascents in July, but be careful, not too severely.

Roses, but also perennials!

In order to vary the pleasure of the eyes and its seasons, do not hesitate to choose roses that give berries that still decorate the garden in autumn and winter, such as the roses of the Rosa Rugosa family ('Hansa' or 'Double white de Coubert '). To attract bees, you will plant roses with simple flowers, which are easy to forage.

A visit to Elsie's paradise will also teach you about the most beautiful associations possible with bulbs or aerial perennials such as cosmos where the gauras

To visit Elsie's garden

Guided tour by appointment, all year round! € 6 per person.

Elsie De Raedt, The Garden of Elsie, 1-5 Route de Huismes. 37,500 Chinon

Phone. : 02 47 98 07 58 or [email protected]

By Marie Petitcerf

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