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Pruning shrubs: technique, period

Pruning shrubs: technique, period

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The size of shrubs has an important role in the development, flowering or just the balance of your subject.

Far from being difficult, it will even become a pleasure for you when you start to master some simple and essential gestures to perform it.

A real makeover for plants, pruning is always beneficial and allows them to grow back in a magnificent way.
There are 2 categories of shrubs: evergreen and deciduous

When to prune shrubs?

Depending on the type of shrub, the shrubs can be pruned 3 times a year:

  • End of winter
  • Beginning of summer
  • fall

Spring-flowering shrubs do not prune at the end of winter but at the end of flowering and therefore often at the beginning of summer.

Pruning deciduous shrubs(who lose their leaves)

  • Spring flowering shrubs

We prune at the end of flowering, when the flowers are fading.

  • Summer flowering shrubs :

We start with a light pruning at the end of winter
Also remove any branches that are dead or have frozen over during the winter. After flowering, rebalance the general shape of the shrub and ventilate its center to give it maximum light.

  • For the shrubs that bloom in winter

In the spring, after flowering, perform a very light pruning, rather aesthetic.

Pruning evergreen shrubs

  • To the end of winter, in March, we start by giving it its shape.

This step will be all the more important if it is a hedge. This first cut is the one that can be the most severe.

  • At beginning of summer, it will be advisable to refresh your subject by rebalancing its shape and by removing in particular the branches whose length would be disproportionate or unsightly.
  • AT autumn, we rebalance the silhouette in a light way avoiding pruning the largest branches.

Too severe pruning in the fall could weaken the shrub before frost.

The size of the shrubs is very easy to achieve.

Your plant will leave with even more vigor and, each subject being unique, your experience will help you to fully master these gestures.

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